Note: 301 redirects should be used after your show has been imported to Captivate and once we have all of your episodes from your old podcast host.

Here's how to import your show from another host, you should do this first.

Read on for more about 301 redirects...


You can move as many podcasts as you like to, from any podcast host in the world including Libsyn, Blubrry, PodBean, SimpleCast, Anchor & more.

Right now podcasts work by sending information from your podcast host, such as, to directories using something called an RSS feed.

All of the information that you add to your show is delivered to the directories via that RSS feed in real-time. The directories then read that information and show your podcast details & episodes in their apps, for example.

That is then how listeners listen to your show.

A 301 redirect is something that tells directories such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify that your feed has moved and to "look" at a new RSS feed for your podcast.

By adding a 301 redirect to your old RSS feed with your old host, you're telling the directories:

Hey Apple Podcasts, I know you were looking over here for my show information and my new podcast episodes, but here's a heads up that from today, you need to look at this new place instead.

When moving to Captivate from another podcast host, your podcast will be set up here on Captivate using the same settings as your current host, your episodes will be migrated over to Captivate and everything will be "as is" so that you can keep publishing as normal, albeit using Captivate now.

The 301 must be added by your old host and must be added after your show has been migrated to Captivate, but ideally before you publish something to your show using Captivate.

It only takes your old host a few minutes to add a 301 redirect to your RSS feed and in order to add that 301 redirect you need to do one of the following:

  • Log in to your previous hosting provider and add your new Captivate feed to the relevant 301 redirect box; or
  • Contact your previous host's support team who can quickly do it for you.

And don't worry, we'll remind you of this throughout our super simple podcast import process.

It doesn't cost anything to migrate your podcast to Captivate, you'll just pay the monthly hosting cost as normal and our team is on hand 24/7 to help with the process.

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