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The Captivate Podcasting Dashboard

A quick-start look at the Captivate podcasting dashboard, designed for the everyday life of a podcaster!

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We're podcasters just like you. That's why we crafted the Captivate experience to focus on your daily life as a podcaster, with the goal of giving you what you need, when you need it.

Check out your Captivate dashboard features:

Are you new to Captivate? Every podcaster gets a 7 day free trial when they sign up with us, alternatively check out our features to see that we offer (hint: so much more than just hosting)

The Captivate podcasting dashboard is an evolving overview of the most relevant "quick-hit" information that you need as a creator.

The Captivate podcasting dashboard is broken down into the following views:

  • Your Unique Listeners: A unique listener is defined as a listener from the same IP address and the same device and presented timeframe. This is a way of estimating the number of people downloading your show.

  • Your Downloads Overview: How many downloads your show receives over across the presented timeframe (per day, per week, per 28 days and per 90 days).

  • Your Latest Episodes: The last three episodes that you published for your podcast, showing the number of total downloads for that particular episode.

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