Your Captivate media library is the place where every file that you upload, either directly to the library in bulk or via an episode upload, lives.

To access the library:

  • Click Library from the left-side navigation

From the library you can initiate a bulk upload of files to help with your batching processes. 

Each file will have one of two statuses:

  • Unattached - the file is not attached to a podcast episode and can still be deleted from your library directly.

  • Attached - the file is published as part of an episode and cannot be deleted without the episode being deleted first.

Unattached files can be used to create podcast episodes directly:

Unattached files can be deleted, too:

Attached files cannot be deleted but you can edit the episode, replace the audio file and then delete the unwanted file.

Clicking on the small information icon to the left of each file will give you information about that file and a way to preview the contents:

To search for an episode in your media library:

  • Choose the relevant show from My Shows

  • Click Episodes on the left side menu

  • Use the search bar in the top right corner

You can also sort the media files into order by Title or by Upload Date.

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