Your podcast often needs more than just you to grow, from virtual assistants to editors; from project managers to producers and co-hosts.

When you create a podcast with Captivate, you automatically become the owner of that show and can set yourself as the 'on-air' host of the show, too.

Why would you want to? 

Because Captivate integrates seamlessly with Podchaser, the "IMDB of podcasts" and will send information about you, your show and your wider team to the platform in order to increase your show's exposure. 

Further to that, you're able to delegate your podcast tasks, such as publishing and editing your show, to members of your team who you can grant specific access to certain areas of Captivate to.

Lastly, you can also display your team on your Captivate podcast website to tell your audience all about your the people behind your show and to give credit where it's due. Ain't that nice!

For each team member working on your podcast, you can even mark them a "host", too - so if your co-host has "Show Manager" access to manage your show, you can also mark them as your presenting co-host so that Podchaser and your website knows that "Hey, not only is Lucy able to edit the show, but she's also 'on-air' as a host, too!".


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