The Captivate player is a highly customizable and intelligent podcast player that can be embedded on your website automatically via Captivate Sites, Captivate Sync™, manually via a simple embed code or that can be shared on social media quickly and easily.

The Captivate podcast player is fully responsive, meaning that it looks and functions beautifully on any device so that you can share your podcast anywhere with ease.

Customizing the Captivate podcast player

The Captivate podcast player is smart. It understands your brand and when you upload your podcast cover art for the very first time, the Captivate podcast player will design itself around your podcast brand's color palette, saving you time and looking stunning from the get go.

But, we know that you might want to tinker with it to make it truly your own. Doing that is super easy:

  • Log in to your Captivate dashboard
  • Click Captivate Player from the left-side menu

From here, you can configure the styling of your Captivate podcast player:

  • Background color: the color used for the background of the podcast player.
  • Main color: the color of the buttons and controls within the podcast player.
  • Highlight color: used for the animation and for when you hover over an interactive part of the podcast player.

You can also decide how much Captivate love you show on your embeddable player in the bottom right hand corner. There are three options and will be:

  • On: this will show the full Captivate branding.
  • Subtle: this option just shows the Captivate icon.
  • Off: the player will show no Captivate branding at all.

Remember to click Save Player Defaults when you're finished, won't you.

The Captivate podcast player will automatically configure for you based on your color palette:

  • The animation gradient color.
  • The main title font color, based on the darkness of your background.

What are the buttons on the Captivate podcast player?

The Captivate podcast player includes a range of tools for both you as a podcaster and of course, your listeners:

  • The play/pause button.
  • Speed control.
  • Sharing options.
  • Show notes.
  • Subscription options.

The text at the top of the Captivate podcast player automatically scrolls and displays:

  • The title of your podcast.
  • The author name.
  • The episode number.
  • The episode title.

The Captivate podcast player on mobile, tablets and computer screens

The Captivate podcast player works beautifully on any device and looks like this on most screens:

Where a screen, or the box that the player sits within, is smaller than 768px wide such as iPads in portrait mode and smartphones, the Captivate podcast player looks like this:

For more about the Captivate Podcast Player, these are super handy:

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