One of the things we often get asked at Captivate is how podcasters can grow their show. From email lists to monetization, it's something we all want to do at some stage.

That's where our Calls to Action feature comes into play. To set up yours, simply log in to your Captivate dashboard, click on Marketing in the left hand menu, and then the Calls to Action tab in your Marketing section.

Here, you can create one or two Calls to Action (CTA) for your listeners to take, based on your growth goals:

  • Sign up to a newsletter

  • Download an ebook

  • Support the show via Patreon

  • Sign up for a webinar

  • Book a consultation

  • Be a guest

Really, the choices are pretty much limitless, and you determine which one(s) matter the most. Using the feature is really easy, too.

  • Decide on your Call to Action

  • Enter the landing page or destination URL for your offer/CTA

  • Write a short, punchy blurb on why a listener should click

And that's it! Once you're happy with the CTA's you're promoting, click Update Marketing Settings, and you're done!

Now when listeners click on the Links tab on your Captivate player, they'll see the Calls to Action ready to clickthrough on.

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