It's vital that your podcast is as discoverable as possible and, it's vital that your audience knows where to find your audio and your engagement channels.

To make this easy, we have created a place within the Captivate marketing suite to pop all of your podcast links so that Captivate can then intelligently use them wherever they may be needed, for example on your website and your podcast players plus even more proactive uses as we release new marketing features.

To access the subscription & social links area for your podcast:

  • Login into your Captivate dashboard
  • Click Marketing from the left side navigation
  • Click the Podcast Links tab

Within this tab you have two distinct areas:

  • Your podcast subscription links
  • Podcast social links

Entering your podcast subscription links

For each of the major outlets, simply enter the link to your podcast within that directory.

Captivate will automatically populate some of these fields for you, such as Spotify, to make your life easier but it's handy to be able to manually enter your links if needed.

Finding your links is easy. Apple emails you a link, Spotify automatically populates (or you can find your show in Spotify, click Share and Copy Link) and your Google Podcasts link can be found here.

Your subscription links will be used on your Captivate podcast website, on your own website via Captivate Sync™ and within the Captivate podcast player:

To enter your podcast social links

Simply enter the relevant links to all of your social profiles within the social links section of the Podcast Links tab.

These will be used throughout the platform and wherever Captivate represents your podcast externally, such as on your own WordPress website via Captivate Sync™.

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