Whether you want to change the plan you're or, or how you pay, updating your billing information within Captivate is super easy.

To get started, log in to your Captivate dashboard, and then click on the My Account link underneath your profile picture in the top left of your dashboard.

From there, you can choose to change your plan, or update your billing information - or even both!

Changing your Plan

When you first create your Captivate account, you choose which plan is best for you, based on your podcasting goals. You can also choose whether you pay Monthly or Annually (which offers a saving from the monthly option).

But there may come a time when you need to upgrade your plan, or switch the frequency in which you pay. No problem!

  • Log into your My Account area

  • Click on the Upgrade link next to the plan you're on

This will open up the My Plan section. From here, you can choose which plan you want to change to (Personal, Audio Professional, Business), along with the type of billing you'd like for it (Yearly or Monthly).

Click on the box of the plan you'd like to change to, click the Save to Change button, and then click Save to Activate to make your new plan live.

If you have a coupon, simply contact our support team through the chat box in the bottom right of your dashboard, and we can activate that for you.

Note: when you change a plan, you will be pro-rated for any differences between plans.

How to Update Your Billing Details

If you need to change the credit card on your account, or the tax information for your account, that's super simple to do as well.

Updating your credit card

  • Log into your My Account area

  • Click on the little pencil icon next to your payment card number

This will take you to your Billing area, where you can enter your new card details:

  • Card number

  • Month and year of card expiration

  • CVC security code (usually a 3-digit number on the back of your card, but can be a 4-digit number on cards like American Express, for example)

Simply enter your new card's information, and click Update Billing to save your changes. Your new card will now be the one that's billed for your Captivate account.

Updating your tax information

  • Log into your My Account area

  • Click on the little pencil icon next to your tax information

This will take you to your Tax Information area, where you update the country and zip/postcode where you live:

Once you enter the information, simply click Update Tax Information and you're done!

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