Note: this is only to be used when you have been using Captivate's in-built podcast website but want to switch to using, your own self-hosted WordPress website or something else.

When you launch your podcast website with Captivate we automatically generate you a stunning website that works on all devices. 

This website does everything that your podcast needs but sometimes, you want to change to using WordPress (need a hand with that?) or something else.

The thing is, you might have already placed links to your Captivate website out there in the world and when you move your website to another platform, you need to make sure that any links that you had previously pointing to your Captivate podcast website now automatically reroute people to your new website.

To do that:

  • Click "Website" from the left-hand menu.
  • Click "Advanced".
  • Switch on "302 Redirect".
  • Enter the domain name of your new website.
  • Save your settings.

You're all set! Any visitors landing on your Captivate podcast website domain, either the one we generate or the custom domain that you linked to Captivate, will be redirected to your new website. 

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