The Captivate distribution section is a simple and quick way to make sure that your podcast is available in all of the directories, apps and listening platforms and that you know exactly where your podcast should be and has been submitted to.

However, unlike many hosts, we make sure that your podcast isn't doing anything to warrant a "Sorry, no" from any of the directories plus, we make sure that you can't submit to the directories without adding things like your own custom cover art, etc.

So, the distribution buttons aren't clickable until your show includes:

  • Custom podcast cover art

  • At least one episode published (not scheduled or set to draft)

  • The correct "explicit" setting

  • Podcast title & description

  • Language settings

  • At least one category setting

Captivate automatically walks you through all of this when you set up or import your podcast, so you don't need to worry.

In fact, the most common reason that people can't click the distribution buttons is that they haven't yet published an episode.

That's cool, if you want to keep your "real" content under wraps until you launch why not go ahead and create a short trailer for your podcast and submit to the directories with that? In fact, here's a trailer format you can copy.

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