Captivate Sync™ means that you can publish/edit episodes from either your WordPress dashboard (even if you use the managed WordPress platform, Podcast Websites) or from your Captivate dashboard and each will stay in sync, publish to all of the directories and more.

The publishing process is the very same whether you use Captivate's dashboard or your own WordPress dashboard, with one exception the beginning of the publishing process.

To begin to publish an episode in Captivate:

  • Open your Dashboard
  • Click "Publish Episode"  at the top right-hand side

To begin to publish an episode in Captivate Sync™:

  • Open your WordPress dashboard
  • Hover over Captivate Sync and click "Publish Episode"; or
  • Click "My Shows" and click "Publish Episode" within the show that you'd like to publish to

To begin to publish an episode in Captivate Sync™ using Podcast Websites:

  • Click any of the "Publish episode" buttons on your dashboard/left-side menu

Overall, the Captivate podcast episode publishing process is simple, intuitive and you'll be publishing in seconds!

To edit an episode in Captivate Sync™:

  • Head to the Captivate Sync™ section of your left-side navigation in WordPress
  • Click your show name
  • From the episode list, click the edit icon on the episode you'd like to edit
  • Make your changes and save

You're all set! Captivate and your website will be in-sync!

A note on WordPress fields

Captivate Sync™ is designed to work beautifully with WordPress and creates a custom post type for your podcast.

This is very flexible and allows you to add podcast specific categories & tags for on-site grouping, plus when you publish an episode from your WordPress site you're given the opportunity to manage the WordPress permalink for that episode and the featured image, too.

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