Promoting your podcast is hard! Where do you send potential new listeners, to what link?! Well, all Captivate podcasts benefit from a very simple, very powerful answer to this. We call it the Single Subscription Link.

Your single subscription link is auto-generated for you and you don't need to do anything to activate it. That said, we know that it's better to be able to see what's going on and, just in case, let you generate your link manually if you'd like to.

So, in this article, we'll talk you through generating your single subscription link.

How to Find Your Single Subscription Link Settings

You'll find your Single Subscription Link settings in the Marketing area of the dashboard. From there, click onto the Podcast Links tab.

Add Your Podcast Links for Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and More

To display the icons for the most popular podcast apps on your Single Subscription Link, be sure to add the links to your show on these apps.

Add your podcast links to your Single Subscription Link

Not only will this display the icons for these apps on your Single Subscription Link, but also your free Captivate Site as well as the Subscribe link on your Captivate web player.

Generate Your Single Subscription Link

Once you've added the links to your podcast in the My Podcast Links section, the next thing to do is to generate the Single Subscription Link.

Simply click the Generate Link button in the Single Subscription Link area immediately below My Podcast Links.

Generate your single subscription link with ease

Once the link has been generated, you can grab your single subscription link and copy it to your clipboard, ready for sharing.

Share your easy podcast listening page with the Captivate Single Subscription Link

By including your Apple Podcasts link, you'll also see the icon for popular podcast aggregator Overcast on your Single Subscription Link page, since they pull from the Apple API.

And that's it - you're all set, and Captivate will auto-generate a beautiful Single Subscription Link for you with all of the relevant links and icons in place for your listeners to use!

Easily promote your podcast with the Captivate Single Subscription Link

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