Promoting your podcast is hard! Where do you send potential new listeners, to what link?! Well, all Captivate podcasts benefit from a very simple, very powerful answer to this. We call it the single subscription link.

Your single subscription link is auto-generated for you and you don't need to do anything to activate it, but we know that it's better to be able to see what's going on and, just in case, let you generate your link manually if you'd like to.

Generating your single subscription link is super easy!

  • Head to the 'Marketing' section of your Captivate account. 
  • Click 'Generate Link' in the 'Single Subscription Link' 

Once the link has been generated, you can grab your single subscription link and copy it right to your clipboard right away.

Be sure to add your major directory links to the Marketing section of your account too!

Any podcast listening apps directly grab your podcast and new episodes from Apple's API, so by including your Apple link will ensure that these other apps also show on your listen page, just like this.

From there, you're all set and Captivate will auto-generate a beautiful single subscription link for you with all of the relevant links and icons in place for your listeners to use!

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