Google Podcasts is one of the most used podcasting directories in the world and, as part of Captivate's simple podcast distribution platform, getting your podcast on on their platform has never been easier.

To get your podcast on Google Podcasts

  • Make sure you have your podcast cover art and show settings completed.
  • Publish at least one episode.
  • Copy your RSS feed from the top menu.
  • Click "Distribution" on the left hand menu.
  • On the Google Podcasts section, click "Submit Podcast". (Make sure you're logged into your Google account.)
  • You will taken directly to Google Podcasts Manager and will be guided through the following steps:

That's it! Nice and easy 😊

Note: When you receive your show link from Google Podcasts, don't forget to add it to the Marketing section of your Captivate account!

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