A quick and simple tip if you're looking to manage your own podcast website instead of a Captivate Website.

Now that you've set up your *Basic Settings, Header, Team, Email Opt-In,* and *SEO & Sharing* options for your Captivate Site, you're ready to show it off to the world. Congrats!

There are just a couple of other options available to you, should you wish to use them or need them.

  • Domain Redirect

  • Share the Love

Domain Redirect

If for whatever reason you no longer need your Captivate Site (maybe you're moving to your own WordPress site, for example), we've got you covered.

Simply switch on the Enable 302 Redirect option, fill in the URL of where the redirect should point, and click Save.

This will ensure Google and other search engines know about your update, and can redirect search traffic to the correct site.

Share the Love

We know how much you love Captivate, and it makes us blush. ๐Ÿ˜Š However, if you want to make things official, you can now tell the world!

When you switch on the Enable Captivate Branding option, the words Powered by Captivate will appear in the footer of your Captivate Site.

The cool thing about this? If you've signed up for the our affiliate program, and anyone clicks on your link and signs up, you'll receive a recurring monthly payout for that person for as long as they're a Captivate user!

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