Show notes are an important and ever-present part of your podcasting process and are a great way to let your listener know what to expect from your episode.

Use our handy snippets tool to build your show notes in seconds from your pre-formatted show notes excerpts. Snippets can be anything you like: think social media links, calls to action, show descriptions or sponsored content!

Heck, you can even put your whole show notes into one snippet if you like!

How to create a show note snippet for your podcast episode

In the Episode Show Notes section of your episode screen:

  • Click the small snippets edit icon.

  • Click Create.

  • Add a title for your show note snippet.

  • Create your show note snippet.

  • Click Save.

Note: Check out our 5 time-saving ways to create and maximise podcast show notes.

How to add a show note snippets to your episode

  • In the Episode Show Notes section click Snippets.

  • Pick your pre-set snippet from the drop-down menu.

Two steps, it's that simple 😄

Need to make a change to your show notes snippets?No problem. Simply select the Edit option from your Manage Snippets pop-up 👍

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