Turn long external URLs into short, branded and memorable links. Visits to these links are fully tracked and using them gives you insight into how your promotions, affiliate traffic and other important links are performing.

Creating and using short links lets you create an easy-to-remember custom link from your Captivate Site, and track how well that link performs.

This is useful for creating:

  • Sponsor links for measurement

For example, your sponsor is AWeber, an email marketing platform, and they give you a long or hard to remember link to send your listeners to so that they can start a free trial. It looks like this: https://www.aweber.com/excellence.htm?medium=affiliate Use a Captivate short link to make it easier and to track visits to it, like this: markasquith.com/aweber.

  • Short links to specific episodes

For example, you like the SEO benefits of a long URL for your podcast episodes, like this: https://www.markasquith.com/the-podcast-accelerator/captivate-2-reveal but you also want to be able to read out an easy-to-remember version on your podcast.

Use a Captivate short link to create markasquith.com/280 and track visits to it.

  • Memorable links to lead magnets, newsletters or donation links

For example, you have a download that you'd like to direct your listeners to in order to build your email list. It lives at a long domain such as https://www.yourdomain.com/lead-magnet-download.

Use a Captivate short link to create a simple, trackable link instead, like this: yourdomain.com/download.

  • Quick recall affiliate links

You have a range of affiliate links that you promote during your episodes. These earn you passive revenue every time someone buys from a partner but they're all hard to remember, like this: https://www.externaldomain.com/podcast-name. Use a Captivate short link to create a branded short version of that, like this: yourdomain.com/partner.

Short links are created using either your Captivate domain name or the branded custom domain name that you have linked to your Captivate website.

How to create a Captivate short link

When you're logged in to your Captivate dashboard, simply head on over to the left-hand navigation menu, and you'll see a Short Links tab in the Promotion area.

Click that tab, and your Short Links screen will open up, where you can create the short link for your show or episode.

Now you just need to create the short link using the following options:

  • Label: give your short link a name so you can easily track it in your analytics

  • Type: choose what you're using the link for (General, Affiliate, Donation)

  • Target URL: the web address your link should open

  • Short URL: the action/name of the link

As you create your link, you'll see a preview of the URL being created. This automatically pulls from your free Captivate Site, so you can easily brand the link to your show's domain.

You can create as many links as you want, you just need to set the Short URL for your link, for example:

Really, how you use your short links comes down to the actions you want your listeners to take.

The best part? You can see which links are performing the best in your analytics, and either replace the ones that aren't working or focus on the ones that are, to make sure you're promoting your show as effectively as you can!

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