As the largest social network in the world, Facebook offers a great opportunity for podcasters to grow their audience.

Note: as of December 2021 podcasts are currently only available to US listeners and when using the Facebook mobile app.

To add your podcast to your Facebook Page:

  • Copy your Captivate RSS feed from the top of your dashboard.

  • Log in to Facebook and select your page.

  • Scroll down to Settings in the left hand menu.

  • Click Podcasts.

  • Click Add Podcast.

  • Enter your Captivate RSS feed.

An authentication email will be sent to the email address on the podcast's RSS feed. When you receive this email click Authenticate.

This confirms your ownership, and you'll see a green check mark confirming your podcast has been connected to your Facebook Page.

To complete the process:

  • Choose whether you wish to Enable clips, that shares snippets of your episode.

  • Click Publish Podcast.

And you're all set, your Facebook page followers can now listen to your podcast directly from your page. 👍

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