Having default settings for your podcast creation process is a great time saver, and we make sure that’s easy to do with our Captivate Settings.

So what’s in here for you? Currently, there are two options, with more being added with new releases and feature updates.


If you want to set default pre-roll and post-roll ads or dynamic content for your podcast episodes, this is where you’ll set that up.

Choose to add up to three pre-rolls and three post-rolls automatically any time you create a new episode.

Look out for some DAX-specific features coming soon.

Research & Planning

If you use our awesome Research and Planning features, this section lets you set up some nifty options to optimize both the back and front end.

  • Show used research links by default. This lets you decide whether to show used research links in your dashboard or hide them once used. Perfect for keeping your dashboard tidy when you have lots of links in use.

  • Custom show notes header. If you use Research Links in your show notes, you can add your own text here as a header title for that section, to make it more in your own voice/style.

Look out for more settings to be added here down the line!

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