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Captivate Sync™ WordPress Plugin Overview
Captivate Sync™ WordPress Plugin Overview

A free WordPress plugin offering complete integration between your Captivate podcast hosting and your custom WordPress website. Nice!

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Captivate Sync™ is Captivate's free WordPress podcasting plugin that allows you to easily link your WordPress website to your Captivate podcast hosting account, and seamlessly publish from one platform to the other whilst keeping everything synchronised.

In this video tutorial, Captivate CEO Mark takes you on a tour of the Captivate Sync™ plugin, how to install and use its core features, as well as how to manage and publish your podcast episodes using our Captivate integration.

Note: if you are a member of our fully managed, hosted & supported WordPress platform for podcasters, Podcast Websites, Captivate Sync™ is already installed for you and ready to use 😊

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