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Getting started with podcast hosting

Everything you need to set up, from adding your first podcast & importing from another host.

Managing & publishing your podcast

Setting up your show, your RSS feed and how to publish episodes to your show using Captivate. Also, working with the podcast media library & editing podcast episodes.

Podcast Distribution

Easily submit your podcast to all the main apps and directories, and claim your show on dedicated podcast app portals.

Captivate Podcast Analytics

Distributing your show to podcast listeners and understanding your download statistics & podcast analytics.


Captivate’s Audio Monetization & Integration Engine (AMIE) is built for both smaller independent podcasters whilst providing larger, advertising-centric podcasters & brands the enterprise-level tools that they need to run successful ad campaigns.

Membership and Tips

Set up monthly memberships and one-off tips so your listeners can support you.

Podcast promotion & growing your podcast listeners with

The world's only growth-oriented podcast host gives you an ever-expanding suite of marketing tools that actively help you to grow your show.

RSS Enhancements

Get the most from your Captivate RSS feed with these Podcasting 2.0 powered features, including ValueForValue, Funding, Locked, and more!

Research and Planning

Use Captivate's awesome Episode Planning and Research Links tools to make the episode creation process even quicker!

Dynamic Show Notes Builder

Writing high-quality show notes is a vital part of a successful podcast but is often overlooked because, honestly, it’s a pretty cumbersome task. Captivate’s Dynamic Show Notes Builder does the heavy lifting for you by allowing you to build unlimited Show Notes Templates and set specific Templates as default for the podcast episodes that you publish.

Captivate Guest Booking Platform

Completely free, completely integrated interview management and guest booking platform for all Captivate podcasters!

Private Podcasts

Private podcasting for everyone, on any plan, at no extra cost.

Captivate Podcast Websites

Setting up your podcast website with Captivate or using Captivate with the Podcast Websites managed WordPress service or your own, self-managed website.

The Captivate podcast player

Everything you need to know about the embeddable podcast player, from adding a player to your website to sharing your podcast on social media.

Working with Captivate Sync™

Captivate Sync™ is Captivate's WordPress plugin, helping you to sync your podcast between your Captivate podcast hosting and a WordPress website, either with Podcast Websites or on your own hosting.

Captivate Podcast Networks

Create a podcast network and network feed and site, to display all your podcasts in one easy to find spot!

Team management

How to add, edit, delete and manage what users can do within your podcast hosting account.


Help and information about the Captivate podcast hosting, analytics & marketing platform API

Support & Podcaster Experience

Information about Captivate's support team and structure.

Managing your profile & billing

How to manage your profile on the podcast hosting platform, manage your billing and make Captivate your own!

Frequently Asked Questions

There's no such thing as a silly question, what can we do to help you and your podcast?


Everything that we release, update, upgrade & tinker with is right here and it's always based on helping you to grow your podcast!