Captivate Sync™ is Captivate's WordPress podcasting connector plugin that allows you to easily link your WordPress website to your Captivate podcast hosting account and seamlessly publish from one platform to the other, whilst keeping everything synchronised.

Sweet, huh?

Using Podcast Websites, the #1 managed WordPress platform for podcasters and audio influencers?

As a podcaster, your goal is often to shift into being the audio influencer in your niche.

To do that requires a fully-fledged home for your online brand, including of course your audio content but also giving a home to your blog, courses, membership platform, products/services and so much more.

Being part of the Rebel Base Media family, both Podcast Websites and Captivate have been built with seamless integration in mind which means that from day one, Captivate Sync™ is built-in to your Podcast Websites platform and allows you to keep your podcast fully in-sync, no matter where you make changes or decide to publish your content.

As a Podcast Websites member you’ll also benefit from custom Captivate modules that can be used with our simple web page builder tool, allowing you to easily add podcast players throughout your website without the need to use embed codes.

Running your own WordPress website?

Nice! Captivate Sync™ is available to download in two places, ready for you to install on your WordPress website:

  • Your Captivate dashboard under Website; and
  • The WordPress plugin repository

Once installed, you'll just need to authenticate your website using the built-in authentication (which takes just a moment) and you'll be able to use all of the simple Captivate Sync™ features right there inside your website.

What can I control on my WordPress website with Captivate Sync™?

Using Captivate Sync™, you can control certain parts of your podcast(s) from within your WordPress dashboard and all changes will be synchronised to your Captivate account instantly - actions such as publishing, editing and deleting episodes will be fully synced between your website and Captivate automatically.

You can even manage multiple podcasts that you may have connected to one brand website.

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