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How to Manually Synchronise Your WordPress Website with Captivate
How to Manually Synchronise Your WordPress Website with Captivate

Wondering if your podcast is in sync with your WordPress website? Find out how to manually check and initiate a re-sync, at any time.

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Captivate Sync™ automatically syncrohonizes your podcast(s) hosted on the Captivate platform to your own, self-hosted WordPress website or to your fully managed WordPress hub, at both timed intervals and when key events happen within your podcast, e.g. a new episode is published. 

At times however, you may wish to check the synchronization status of each podcast linked to your website such as if your local Internet connection fails or for your own peace of mind.

Here’s how to check the sync status and manually sync your podcasts using Captivate Sync™.

  • Log in to your WordPress dashboard

  • From the left side menu, locate and hover over the “Captivate Sync” 

  • Click “My Podcasts” to show all of the podcasts within your Captivate podcast hosting 

  • Next to each podcast you’ll be shown the “Last Sync” time along with a button to manually synchronize each of your shows

  • To manually initiate a synchronization, hit the “Sync Now” button for the show that you’d like to synchronize

And that's it - you're good to go! 😁

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