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Working with Captivate Sync™
How to Install Captivate Sync™ on Your WordPress Website
How to Install Captivate Sync™ on Your WordPress Website

Downloading and installing Captivate Sync™ on your own, self-hosted WordPress website is quick and simple.

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Note: if you use the Podcast Websites fully-managed WordPress platform, this is all set up for you 😊

Captivate Sync™ is available to download in two places, ready for you to install on your WordPress website:

  • From the Website section of your Captivate dashboard; and

  • The WordPress plugin repository

Downloading Captivate Sync™ from your Captivate podcast hosting dashboard

  • Click Website in the left side menu of your Captivate dashboard

  • Switch the Captivate Sync™ toggle to On

  • Click Download Captivate Sync™ Plugin

Download Captivate Sync from your Captivate dashboard

Captivate Sync™ will then download as a ZIP file to your browser downloads folder. From there:

  • Open your WordPress dashboard

  • Click Plugins

  • Choose Add New and

  • Upload Plugin

  • Once the plugin has uploaded, click Activate

Downloading Captivate Sync™ from the WordPress plugin repository

  • From your WordPress dashboard, click Plugins

  • Choose Add New

  • Using the search bar at the top right search for Captivate Sync™

  • From the search results, click within the Captivate Sync™ box Install Now

  • Once installed, click Activate

Now you have the plugin installed it's time to Authenticate Captivate Sync™ after installation 👍

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