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"My Podcasts" & managing multiple podcast shows under one Captivate account
"My Podcasts" & managing multiple podcast shows under one Captivate account

Captivate lets you manage multiple shows under one account at no extra cost per show, yay! Here's a quick overview of how that works.

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Podcasting is a tad addictive, isn't it. That's why we built Captivate to encourage creators to do what they do best - create!

By clicking My Podcasts in the Captivate navigation menu on the left of the screen, you're taken to a podcast shows overview.

From here, you can do a number of things:

  • Click on a show to begin managing that show (the show cover at and name at the top changes to show you which show you're working on right now).

  • Add a new podcast show by clicking Add New Podcast - this will start he show creation flow and ask you how you want to begin creating your show, either by creating a new podcast or importing a podcast show from another host.

Sorting the My Podcasts page

This page is nice and simple to manage and we want it to be easy to find the project you'd like to work on, and you can toggle between List view and Grid view.

You have a number of options for sorting this page:

  • By show name.

  • By show creation date.

  • By last episode published date.

How to switch between podcasts:

  • In the left hand navigation of your Captivate dashboard click My Podcasts.

  • You'll be taken to a new page with a list of the shows on your account.

  • Select the show that want.

Remember, if you want to host client shows, you'll need to be on our Business Plan, too πŸ™‚

Are you new to Captivate? Every podcaster gets a 7 day free trial when they sign up with us, alternatively check out our features to see that we offer (hint: so much more than just hosting)

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