Managing your podcast episodes is super easy using Captivate.

All of your episodes can be found by:

  • Signing in to your Captivate dashboard

  • Clicking Episodes from the left side menu

Episodes will appear in date order with the newest appearing first and episodes will have one of three statuses:

  • Draft - the episode has been saved as draft but not published or scheduled yet.

  • Scheduled - the episode has been scheduled for automatic future publishing.

  • Published - the episode has already been published.

Sharing your podcast episode from the Episodes section

You're given the opportunity to share your podcast to social media and create an episode specific embeddable player once you have published an episode and you can access that screen from within the Episodes section, too by clicking Sharing next to any given episode.

Editing a podcast episode

To edit a podcast that is either drafted, scheduled or published simply:

  • Navigate to the Episodes screen

  • Click Edit next to the episode that you'd like to edit

From here you can change every detail of the episode as you would during publishing an episode and once you have made your changes, click either Save as Draft, Schedule Episode or Update Episode

Deleting a podcast episode

Deleting a podcast episode is super easy, too. Here's a little tutorial on it.

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