The embeddable podcast player is an important part of your podcasting toolkit. As well as providing an instant way to listen to your podcast, it's also how listeners discover other important aspects of your show, like shownotes, your podcast website, your email newsletter and more!

Our beautifully designed Captivate podcast player is packed full of useful tools and looks great on websites and social media platforms for instant listening. Better still, it's fully customizable for flawless integration with your podcast brand!

How to Access Customization Settings for Your Podcast Player

To make things nice and easy, the player has its own default settings that you can use. But, we know that you may want to change things up a bit, and this is really easy to do too:

  • Log in to your Captivate dashboard

  • Click Podcast Player from the left-hand menu - it's under the Design heading

Pro-tip: These settings will apply to all of your Captivate players, i.e. your Recent Episode player and Collections too!

The Captivate Web Player Design

Captivate understands your brand is key, so when you upload your podcast cover art for the very first time, the Captivate podcast player will design itself (automatically!) around your podcast brand's color palette, saving you time and looking stunning from the get go. Pretty cool, right?! 😄

We know that you might want to tinker with it to make it truly your own so we've made it nice and easy to mix up your own colour palette as follows:

  • Background color: the color used for the background of the podcast player.

  • Main color: the color of the buttons and controls within the podcast player.

  • Highlight color: used for the animation and for when you hover over an interactive part of the podcast player.

Choosing What Options to Use on Your Captivate Web Player

The Captivate podcast player includes a range of super handy tools for both you as a podcaster and of course, your listeners. Which ones you choose to include and not to include on there is totally up to you. It's your podcast player after all!

  • Allow sharing: sharing options for social media (or downloading an episode)

  • Allow file downloads: let listeners download the episode directly to their device

  • Display show notes: include the complete show notes for your episode

  • Display subscription options: offering an easy way to subscribe to your podcast via the most popular podcast apps

  • Display Calls to Action: drive your listeners to important links, like your email newsletter signup, an online course, follow on social media, and more

  • Display donation link: if you have a Patreon account or any similar donation platform, add the link here so listeners can support you directly

  • Display cover art: the choice to display your episode artwork or not

Player branding: you can decide how much Captivate love you show on your embeddable player in the bottom right-hand corner. Turn the logo on, off, or show a more subtle version of our icon. You can also turn our logo into an affiliate link if you're part of our program.

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