Listener support is growing in popularity week-on-week for podcasters. It allows for an easy, scalable way to generate revenue from your true listeners and fans.

There are various options for building listener support, with the most popular being Patreon - we even use that for some of our hobby shows ourselves (look, everyone likes Star Wars, right?!).

We've made it super easy to integrate listener support into your podcast via the Captivate dashboard:

  • Log in to your Captivate dashboard

  • Make sure you're working on the right show by checking which show is displayed in the header of Captivate, swap if needed by clicking My Shows

  • Click Marketing in the left hand menu

  • Under the Donation Link section, enter your donation link

  • Click Update show settings

Your listener support donation link will now appear in every podcast app that supports it, as well as your Captivate web player and Captivate Site (if you use this feature) - nice and easy!

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