Podcast Artwork Specifications

Podcast cover art looks simple, but at times can be a little confusing so we put together a handy little guide for you!

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Your podcast cover art is the square image that listeners see on their listening devices and on most podcast players.

Each podcast can have a couple of types of artwork:

  • Podcast show artwork - the cover art for the podcast itself, the main cover; and

  • Podcast episode artwork - cover art specific to each episode, shown in more and more podcast players on an episode-by-episode basis

Luckily, both pieces of artwork follow the same specification.

Note: With the release of iOS 17 and support for individual episode artwork, Apple Podcasts has changed the requirements for podcast artwork. These specifications are below.

  • A square image

  • 3000 x 3000 pixels in size

  • JPEG or PNG format

  • Max 1MB in file size (JPEGs are smaller in file size)

From experience, don't put anything naughty on the artwork, either. They won't like that. That means:

  • No swearing or explicit language

  • No explicit images

  • No offensive or discriminatory imagery

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