Whatever reason you have for needing to change the audio file uploaded to an episode, Captivate makes it easy and this action can be taken for draft, scheduled and published episodes.

To replace an audio file:

  • Click on the Episodes tab in your Captivate dashboard.

  • Find the episode you want to update, and click the Edit icon next to it.

  • In the Episode Preview section click Replace Audio File.

  • Add the new audio file that you want to upload, or select from your most recent upload, Content Library, or Import from Descript.

  • Captivate will automatically upload and process the new audio file.

  • Click Update Episode at the bottom of the Edit Podcast page to save changes.

And that's it, your new file has been uploaded and replaced the previous audio file.

Note: Your analytics for that episode won't be affected, and your new audio will be published on the various podcast apps the next time they refresh their feed!

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