How do I cancel a podcast?

If you no longer wish to continue a show, cancelling your podcast(s) is super easy.

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If you no longer wish to continue a show, cancelling your podcast(s) is super easy.

We get it. Sometimes a show comes to the end of its run, or you need to focus attention on other parts of your life, and you no longer have the need for your podcast.

If that's ever the case with you, we're here for you to make that as simple as possible, while also offering you some choices to ensure you're making the right decision.

To cancel a show:

  • Click on Podcast Settings, which is the blue section at the top of the dashboard (make sure you're in the right podcast if you have several)

  • Scroll to the bottom of that page, and click on Cancel Show

  • You will then have three options to choose from.

Canceling your show(s)

Choose from one of the following options, based on the one that's relevant to you.

  • I never got my podcast started

  • I'm going to stop my podcast

  • I'm moving my podcast elsewhere

If you choose "I never got my podcast started", we'll ask an optional question on why you didn't start, so we can help you get started should you wish to start podcasting in the future.

If you choose "I'm going to stop my podcast", we'll ask you if you want your show to remain live on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc. Depending on your answer, you'll have a couple of choices to choose from.

  • If you answer Yes, we'll ask if you might want to start publishing again. If you answer yes to that question, we'll advise your show needs to remain live. If you answer no to that question, we'll advise you that your RSS feed will be updated to close your show, and you'll need to contact Apple to reactivate it.

  • If you answer No, we'll advise that your website, podcast media player, and RSS feed will be deleted immediately, and that you need to make a backup of your files if you wish to use them later. Your podcast will also be removed from the various podcast platforms.

Simply enter the details of your new host and the RSS feed for your show with them, and we'll take care of the rest.

Note: While a 301 redirect will move your feed and listeners to your new host, it won't include your analytics. This is because the industry at large has no agreed way of doing this and, whilst we believe that this should be possible, it's something that is still in development within the industry. To keep your current stats, you should download your analytics from your dashboard prior to closing your account/moving your show.

And that's it! If you have other podcasts in your Captivate dashboard, they'll continue as normal.

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