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Promoting your podcast with Captivate is super easy with our special single podcast promotion link!

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Promoting your podcast is hard! Where do you send potential new listeners, to what link?! Well, all Captivate podcasts benefit from a very simple, very powerful answer to this. We call it the Single Promo Link.

A powerful yet simple link that people can use on any device and that gives single-click subscription links to major podcast apps. It's the link to your show you should promote and means that you can stop saying "Listen wherever you get your podcasts" and start measuring the effectiveness of your calls to action.

Your Single Promo Link is auto-generated for your podcast(s) and you don't need to do anything to activate it. That said, we know that it's better to be able to see what's going on and, just in case, let you generate your link manually if you'd like to.

To generate your single promotional link:

  • Click "Marketing Links" on the left hand menu

  • Click the "Single Promo Link" tab

  • Click "Generate Link"

This will present you with a simple promotional link that you can use to promote your podcast.

It works on any device and looks like this:

To customize which directories show up on this link for listeners to click:

  • Make sure you set your directory links up in the "Directory Links" tab of "Marketing Links"

  • Drag the order of the links within the "Single Promo Links" area and turn them on or off to suit your needs

  • Click "Save Changes"

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