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Custom embeddable players and their own RSS feeds you can use to educate, entertain and expand your podcast audience.

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The Playlists feature within Captivate is the perfect way to make your back catalogue more accessible and to increase listenership of your podcast through curation and collection of related episodes.

Great examples of creative and really powerful ways to use Playlists:

  • End of year round-ups

  • ‘Best of’ content

  • Modules or course content

  • Your most popular episodes and guest interviews (great for sponsor kits!)

As with all Captivate features, creating a Playlist of your podcast episodes is super easy to do. Yay! 😃

How to Create Your Playlist

You can create as many Playlists as you wish, as well as edit an existing Playlist, by following these simple steps.

  • Log in to your Captivate dashboard

  • Click on the Playlists tab in the left hand menu, in your Content Management section

  • Click Create New Playlist

  • Enter a name and description for your Playlist

  • Edit your Playlist RSS feed if you wish to, or leave the default Captivate one

  • Drag and drop episodes from the Available Episodes box into the Selected Episodes box

  • Rearrange the order you wish the episodes to appear by dragging and dropping in the Selected Episodes box

  • Click Create Playlist

And that's it - done! Now you have an awesome Playlist you can share with your listeners. Here's how you do that.

How to Share Your Playlist

Once you've created your Playlist, you'll want to share it with your audience. Whether that's a premium course audience, or using on your website as a "Start Here" landing page, sharing your Playlist is super easy!

  • Log in to your Captivate dashboard.

  • Click on Playlists*.*

  • Click the sharing icon for the Playlist you've just created.

  • Choose between sharing on a social media, or embedding on your website.

If you use the social media sharing link, you can post your Playlist on the various social media apps. If you use the embed option, you can embed on a website landing page or blog post. This will result in a playlist player like the one below.

If you ever want to change up a Playlist by adding or removing episodes, simply click the Playlist title on your dashboard, and drag the episodes you wish to add/remove, and then click Update Playlist - simple!

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