How do I link my social media accounts to Captivate?

Make it easy for your listeners to connect with you on social media!

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There are many ways to grow your podcast, including email, advertising, being a guest on other podcasts, and more.

Yet another simple way is making people aware of your show through social media - and what better way to do that by making it easy for listeners to connect with you on their social network of choice?

By connecting your social media accounts, your Captivate website will display them in the header, ready to click through and connect with! 😁

How to add your social media accounts

Under the Promotion heading, on the left hand side of your dashboard, select Marketing Links. From here, you'll see five subheadings along the top. Select the third one across - the one called Social Links.

From there, you'll see a drop-down selector, from which you can choose the social site you want to link to. You can choose from:

  • Facebook Page

  • Facebook Group

  • Twitter

  • Youtube

  • Instagram

  • Custom

Select whichever site you like - if the one you want isn't available (for example, LinkedIn), select Custom. A Custom Label box will then appear, in which you can write the name of the site (so, if you were wanting to promote your LinkedIn, you would then type LinkedIn in that box).

Once you've selected the site you're wanting to link, simply paste the URL to your account in the box to the right of where you've selected the site - the one labelled URL.

You can add as many as you want, by clicking on Add Another and repeating the process for as many sites as you want to link.

Once you're all linked out, click on Save Changes! The icons for each network will appear in the top right of your Captivate website header, making it super easy for your listeners to click through and connect with you online!

Nice and easy!

Note: Your social links will be used throughout the platform and wherever Captivate represents your podcast externally, such as on your own WordPress website via Captivate Sync™.

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