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Distribution FAQs

Captivate makes it super easy to get your podcast on all of the popular podcast apps and platforms. Here's how to submit in one-click!

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Submitting your show to the various podcast apps and platforms can be time-consuming and laborious. Which is why Captivate makes it really easy for you!

Questions about your podcast distribution and how we can help? We've got you covered!

What platforms do you distribute to?

We currently distribute your podcast to all of the following directories and aggregators:

  • Apple Podcasts

  • Spotify

  • Amazon Music

  • Podchaser

  • Overcast

  • Pocket Casts

  • Castro

  • Gaana

  • JioSaavn

  • Podcast Addict

  • Player.FM

  • Deezer

  • Boomplay

  • Goodpods

We also have a distribution section on your Captivate dashboard that gives you a 1-click Submit to All option to submit your podcast to all the directories that are automated. Yay!

For some, like Apple Podcasts, you just need to complete an extra step manually, but these platforms will walk you through that once you manually click Start Submission.

Important: since Captivate automatically hides your email address from your RSS feed to protect your privacy, you’ll need to Unhide your email address for 24 hours for the podcast platforms that require manual submission to confirm ownership with you.

What if there's a podcast app or platform that you don't distribute to?

We're adding more and more apps all the time but if there's an app that we don't currently distribute to, that you would like your show to appear on, you can do that with a simple manual submission. This guide shows you all the apps you can submit your show to.

How long does it take for my show to appear on podcast apps?

For new shows, it can take between a couple of hours to a week for the various podcast apps to approve the show. Once approved, any subsequent episodes are usually live on the apps within 24 hours, though it's normally much less.

Note: Your RSS feed is immediately updated when an episode has been published so anyone who accesses your feed directly or subscribers that refresh their screens will see your new episode right away!

Do you support Podchaser?

Podchaser is a great platform for collating information about shows, podcasters, and more, and Captivate makes it simple to connect to Podchaser. Make sure you have a Podchaser account, and then you can claim your Podchaser profile from the Distribution settings in your Captivate dashboard..

Why can't I access my Distribution settings?

Have you published your first episode yet? If not, certain features of the Captivate dashboard won't be available until you upload and publish your first episode. This is a great opportunity to publish a trailer about your show!

Can I edit the URLs for my show on the various podcast apps?

No. Each podcast app provides you a show and episode URL based on their platform. If you were to try and edit this, your show would no longer be displayed.

My podcast was rejected for distribution by one of the directories. Why?

We make sure that your podcast isn't doing anything to warrant a "Sorry, no" from any of the directories, which means you can't submit to the directories without adding things like:

  • Custom podcast cover art

  • At least one episode published (not scheduled or set to draft)

  • The correct "explicit" setting

  • Podcast title & description

  • Language settings

  • At least one category setting

Once you have all of these in place, you should be good to go! 👍

Why is my podcast on a platform I haven't submitted my show to?

There are many more podcast listening apps that directly grab your podcast and new episodes from Apple's API. By submitting to Apple Podcasts, you appear in these apps automatically. These include Overcast, Pocket Casts, Castro, Podcast Addict, Goodpods, and more.

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