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How to Submit Your Podcast to Pocket Casts
How to Submit Your Podcast to Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is one of the world's most popular podcast apps, and getting your podcast on Pocket Casts with Captivate is super easy!

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One of the most popular podcast apps around, Pocket Casts offers a web version, Android and iOS apps, and support for multiple smart devices.

It also includes featured new and emerging podcasts, as well as paid placement for your show, so can really help you grow your podcast audience!

Are you new to Captivate? Every podcaster gets a 7 day free trial when they sign up with us, alternatively check out our features to see that we offer (hint: so much more than just hosting)

Adding your podcast to Pocket Casts is super easy and involves just a couple of steps. Whether you're hosting with Captivate or not, submission is done manually, so the steps below will apply whatever your circumstances.

How to submit your podcast to Pocket Casts

  1. Log in to your Captivate dashboard and copy your Captivate RSS feed URL. This is found at the top of your dashboard next to Podcast Settings, or at the top of the Distribution screen, as shown below:

    2. Click on the Distribute tab in the left hand menu of your Captivate dashboard.

    3. Scroll down until you see the Pocket Casts submission button.

    4. Click Start Submission. This will open up the Pocket Casts submission page.

    5. Paste your Captivate RSS feed into the URL box.

    6. Choose Public for your feed settings.

    7. Click Submit.

And that's it - your podcast is now submitted to Pocket Casts, and will usually be approved within 12 hours.

You'll also receive your Pocket Casts show link, so you can share on social media for listeners to access. You can also head to Marketing Links to make your Pocket Casts link available to your Single Promo Link, Captivate Website and within the share section on the Captivate Player!

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