Descript is a transcription and audio editing app for beginner and professional podcasters.

It combines all sorts of extremely useful, intelligent podcasting tools in an all-in-one workspace designed to automate and speed up your workflow without cutting corners or sacrificing creative control.

Core features include:

  • Podcast recording and importing

  • Simultaneous, word-processor style audio and text editing

  • Accurate transcription

  • Advanced text-to-speech transcription and filler word removal tools

  • Video/screen recording, captioning and audiograms

Exporting a podcast directly to Captivate from Descript is easy.

To do so:

  • Open the Composition in Descript that you wish to publish to Captivate

  • Click "Share" at the top right of Descript's screen

  • Choose "Cloud Export" and "More", then "Captivate"

  • Follow the on-screen short, easy-to-understand instructions to publish your episode and send it to Captivate


Learn more about Descript with our overview.

We published a full Descript guide and a fancy YouTube video, too:

Try Descript today to speed up your podcasting workflow!

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