Captivate Marketing Links Overview

A handy place to store all of your podcast associated links, from Apple & Spotify links to social media and monetization.

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The Marketing Links area is a convenient place to store all of your podcast related links, such as social media, monetization or podcast directory links, for easy access and also to help "feed" some other parts of Captivate, e.g. your directory links will be used in your podcast player, free Captivate Site, and Single Promotional Link settings.

Here's a breakdown of each type of link you can store here:

Directory Links

Here you can add the links to your podcast on the various podcast apps, and have them displayed on your Single Promo Link, Captivate Site and within the Subscribe section on the Captivate Player.

You can also add a custom link for any app that you wish to add (Podcast Addict, or Podchaser, for example).

Single Promo Link

A powerful yet simple link that people can use on any device and that gives single-click follow links to major podcast apps. It's the link to your show you should promote!

For best coverage, make sure your directory links above are populated and remember that using this means you can stop saying "Listen anywhere you get your podcasts" and start measuring your click-throughs!

You can also choose which apps appear on your Single Promo Link, and in what order - neat!

Social Links

A place to add the URLs to your podcast on various social platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Patreon, YouTube, and more. You can also add custom links for apps like Twitch, WhatsApp, and more.

Monetization Links

Here you can add your donation and affiliate links.

By using Captivate to manage links, you benefit from a connected ecosystem of analytics and performance measurement.

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