Captivate provides you with not one, but four bulk editing tools making it super easy to manage your pre, post and mid roll content across your entire podcast library!

The first of these is Captivate's pre and post roll bulk editing tool. This allows you to add and replace all your pre and post rolls across your entire episode library all at once! 👍

Note: in order to keep our servers running optimally, we’ve set a limit of 3 bulk edits per day which resets at midnight. Please contact support if you need any further help.

To bulk edit your pre and post roll ads for your episodes

  • Login to your Captivate dashboard.

  • Click Bulk Ad Editor from the left hand menu under the AMIE section.

  • Select the Pre & Post Roll tab.

  • Click Choose New Ad to add the new pre and post rolls you want to include on your episodes.

  • Choose up to three pieces of content for pre-roll, and up to three for post-roll too.

  • Select the episodes you want to apply the selected pre and post roll content to.

  • Click Replace Ads.

  • A new window will appear with a summary of your changes. Click Confirm Replacement

That's it! AMIE will now process your dynamic content and your episodes will be updated once processing has completed.

To remove pre and post roll content from your episodes

  • Select the episodes that you wish to remove the pre and post rolls for.

  • Click Remove Ads.

  • In the pop-up box, confirm which content you want to remove from your selected episodes (pre-roll or post-roll).

  • Click Remove Ads.

AMIE will now process your selected episodes and remove your pre and post roll content.

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