Captivate provides you with not one, but four bulk editing tools making it super easy to manage your pre, post and mid-roll content across you entire podcast back library!

Captivate's Ad Painter tool allows you to easily replace your old baked in content with your branded dynamic content πŸ‘

To bulk replace baked in ads in your podcast episodes

  • Login to your Captivate dashboard.

  • Click Bulk Editor from the left hand menu under the AMIE header.

  • Select the Ad Painter tab.

  • Select the time slot where you want to insert the mid-roll content for each of your episodes and drag the editor to cover the existing baked in content

  • Click Select Content and search for the content you want to insert (up to three pieces).

  • Click Confirm Selected Files

  • Click Add to Episode

  • Your selection will be highlighted green

  • Repeat for any other episodes

  • Once finished, click Save & Process

  • Click Confirm in the pop up box, and all your episodes will be updated.

That's it! πŸ‘ AMIE will now process your dynamic content and your episodes will be updated once processing has completed.

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