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AMIE Dynamic Ad Insertion FAQ's
AMIE Dynamic Ad Insertion FAQ's

Easily manage sponsored content, ads, internal trailers, promos, and more with Captivate's AMIE

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Captivate is the home for the serious indie podcaster, and AMIE brings dynamic content and ad insertion to every Captivate podcaster.

What is AMIE?

AMIE means Audio Monetization and Insertion Engine. It's Captivate's in-house dynamic content and ad insertion platform, offering all Captivate podcasters the easiest way to use dynamic ads and content in their podcasts.

AMIE is broken down into three modules:

  • Module 1 Allows you to embed and dynamically insert your own pre-roll, post-roll and mid-roll content, Ad-Painter technology to replace your baked-in content, and is available now. Check out this short 2 minute overview video to find out more!

  • Module 2 - Just released, AMIE module 2 includes full vast tag integration, ad server integration with our ad partner network, DAX, and campaign management to allow you to monetize your entire back catalogue and future episodes.

  • Module 3 - Diversify your monetization opportunities including paid for trailer swap market place, Captivate ‘Audio Bites’, public facing market place for cross-promotional feed drops where you can choose what you charge. Available Q4 2022-Q1 2023.

How much does AMIE cost?

Nothing! We're passionate about providing as many tools and features we can without the need for 'advanced' pricing or 'add ons', that's why Modules 1 and 2 of AMIE are available to all Captivate podcasters for free. 🥳

Can I only edit single episodes?

Of course! We've also made things a whole lot easier to edit your entire back library of podcast episodes with our bulk editing tools too:

How does AMIE split my audio when adding mid-roll content?

When using in-content ads, AMIE has two ways in which these can be added to your audio files to best suit your needs:

  • Ad Painter: This feature allows you to overlay or 'paint over' existing sections of your audio file with content. For example, if you have baked in content on an old episode, you can use AMIE's Ad Painter feature to overlay up to 3 of your new pieces of content over that section of audio.

  • Ad Slot: This feature allows you to insert up to 3 pieces of content between sections of audio of an episode. For example if you want to add content between two of your podcast segments.

Will AMIE normalize the sound levels?

Most advertisers will provide files that are podcast-standard so will unlikely need to have their sound levels normalized. We know that's not always the case though so we're working on our very own audio mastering tool that will take care of that for you and will be available 2022!

Is there a time limit on the files we can insert?

No, you can make the files as long as you wish. However, best practices are to have dynamic ads anywhere between 15-60 seconds, to hit that sweet spot of listener concentration.

What happens if I remove AMIE content?

When AMIE content is removed, the episode(s) revert to the original audio that was in place before AMIE was added.

Will I see what ads are working best?

We'll be tracking the performance of your ads in the background for now while we build up the data. As part of AMIE Module 3 you'll then have full access to your ad analytics so you can really dig into the effectiveness of each ad you insert.

Can I add AMIE inserts across all my podcasts at once?

Just like all of Captivate's great features, AMIE is managed on a podcast by podcast basis. We certainly see a requirement for this to be a network wide feature and we already have this on our list for a potential future development!

What happens to my ads if I leave Captivate?

We would of course hate to see you leave, but if you do decide to move to another podcast host you will need to ensure you have removed any ads you don't want to be permanently kept on your episodes are removed before you import your RSS feed to your new hosting platform.

Will Captivate auto-insert ads into my content?

No! AMIE is a brilliant feature there for your convenience, and if you don't feel it's right for a particular show then we of course won't do anything on your part.

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