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How to Convert an Episode Idea into an Episode
How to Convert an Episode Idea into an Episode

Quickly create new episodes from your Episode Ideas!

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With Captivate’s Episode Planning feature, it’s super easy to collate your ideas for upcoming episodes in one single place. These can then be used as a handy reference guide when recording your episode, or helping guests prepare ahead of their session with you.

Not only that, but turning these ideas into episodes is super easy, too!

  • Log into Captivate

  • Click on Episode Planning on the left hand menu

  • Click the little convert icon for the episode idea you want to turn into an episode

This will open the Publish New Episode page in your Captivate dashboard.

From here, you can add your usual show notes, episode information, audio, etc, as well as any AMIE dynamic content.

If you used the Optional Summary box when creating your Episode Idea, this will automatically be added to the same section in the publish episode page.

If you’ve created a Research Link and assigned it to the episode you’re currently editing, you’ll see that in the Research Links section for the episode. You can also add a new Research Link at this time, or add another saved one.

To add this link to your episode, you just need to insert the Research Links short code from the Shortcodes drop down box on the editor.

The link(s) will then appear in your public RSS feed, as well as your show notes on apps like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.

While it’ll appear as a shortcode in your episode editing screen, it’ll appear as a clean piece of text that links out to the target URL in your RSS feed and podcast apps.

Once your editing is complete, you can then go ahead and either save your episode as a draft, or schedule/publish as normal.

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