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RSS Enhancements FAQs

Get the most from your Captivate RSS feed with these Podcasting 2.0 powered features!

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Captivate has always been about providing the kind of tools and features that help the serious indie podcaster like you save time and grow your show.

Now, thanks to our increased support of Podcasting 2.0, these new Captivate RSS feed enhancements will help take your show to another level, both for you and your listeners.

What is Podcasting 2.0?

At its simplest, Podcasting 2.0 is a collaborative initiative where podcasters, hosting companies like Captivate, and technology platforms/podcast apps are making the RSS feed a more interactive solution. Instead of just letting podcast apps pull new episodes, Podcasting 2.0 offers so much more.

Read our awesome, in-depth article on what Podcasting 2.0 means for indie podcasters for more info!

So what kind of additional features does Podcasting 2.0 offer?

There are a host of different features, but Captivate has always been about bringing you solutions that are both easy to use, and beneficial to you. This is why we’re happy to support interactive features like Funding, Value4Value, Unique Identifier, and others (more on these below). These take your RSS feed from a static episode display to letting your listeners interact with you more.

So where does Captivate’s RSS Enhancements fit in?

We’ve been following and supporting the Podcasting 2.0 initiative since the early days, and have already added support for the likes of Podping, transcripts, and the OP3 analytics tracker. Now that the majority of features have matured to benefit even more podcasters, and more podcast apps support them, Captivate sees these advances as enhancements to your RSS feed, and our wording of RSS Enhancements reflects this.

What Podcasting 2.0 features does Captivate support?

Captivate currently supports the following features, with more on the way.

  • podcast:episode – this tag represents your podcast’s episode number.

  • podcast:season – used for seasonal podcasts to show which episodes are part of which season.

  • podcast:guid – a unique identifier globally recognized number (36 characters) for each podcast RSS feed by the Podcast Index.

  • podcast:locked – you can set this to yes or no. The purpose is to tell other platforms whether they can import this feed.

  • podcast:funding – podcast can tag lists for donation and funding e.g. you can point to Patreon, Buy Me A Coffee, or even PayPal. Integrates with your Captivate donation link.

  • podcast:license – this tag allows podcasters to point to a URL where license terms of a podcast live.

  • podcast:medium – tells the an application what the content contained within the feed IS, as opposed to what the content is ABOUT in the case of a category.

  • podcast:txt – this element holds free-form text and is modeled after the DNS “TXT” record. It’s meant to allow for usages that might be niche or otherwise not rise to the level of needing a dedicated tag.

  • podcast:value – used to enable Value4Value crypto payments.

  • podcast:location – use this tag to describe the location of what the podcast is about. It’s NOT the podcaster’s physical address or location. If it’s a podcast about sightseeing in London recorded by someone in LA, the tag would set this as London.

How do I use them in Captivate?

For the most, they’re super simple and ready to toggle on right away! Under Podcast Settings in your Captivate dashboard you’ll see a RSS Enhancements tab. Simply toggle the ones you want to activate, or add the relevant text/links for the Podcasting 2.0 features that require it.

Check our help article RSS Enhancements Overview for more details!

How much does this all cost?

Zero. Nada. Nothing. In the typical Captivate way, these RSS Enhancements are included in your plan - enjoy!

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