How to Turn YouTube Playlists into Podcasts

Take your YouTube playlists and turn them into podcasts with this easy guide!

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When YouTube announced they were finally bringing podcasts to YouTube, it was the news many podcasters had been waiting for. Best of all, YouTube are making it super simple for podcasters to get started by using existing (or new) playlists.

Turn YouTube playlists into podcasts

While this update isn’t the full-on podcasting experience (YouTube aren’t ingesting RSS feeds just yet), it’s a great starting point to get new eyes on your content, whether that’s a “proper” YouTube video or a static image with your episode audio.

Here’s how to turn your playlists into podcasts on YouTube!

  • log into YouTube Studio

  • click on Content

  • click on Playlists

  • hover over the playlist you want to convert and click on the three little dots

  • click Set As Podcast

  • change the title and description (optional, you can leave as is) and upload a square image for your artwork (you can use your podcast artwork, or create a new one)

  • click Done

And that’s it! Your YouTube playlists are now podcasts, and you can repeat this for as many playlists as you like.

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