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How to Authenticate Captivate Sync™ After Installation
How to Authenticate Captivate Sync™ After Installation

Captivate podcast hosting is super secure & for your website to talk to your Captivate dashboard via Captivate Sync™, you need to allow it.

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So that information can be securely passed between your Captivate podcast hosting dashboard and your WordPress website, either self-hosted or via our fully managed, hosted & supported Podcast Websites platform, you need to give Captivate Sync™ the authority to talk to your Captivate dashboard.

Authenticating Captivate Sync™ within your self-hosted WordPress dashboard

Once you've installed and activated Captivate Sync™, it's time to connect your WordPress site and Captivate, using your unique User ID and API Key. Don't worry if this sounds all technical, it's really easy to do!

  • In your WordPress dashboard click Captivate Sync™ and then Authentication

  • Head on over to your Captivate dashboard click My Account and then Click Reveal API key

  • In WordPress, paste the User ID and API key into the relevant boxes within Captivate Sync™

  • Click to authenticate

Prefer video? Take a look at the video and follow along with the steps:

That's it! Your WordPress site is now connected to your Captivate dashboard, and vice versa, making it super easy to manage your show and episodes on both platforms!

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