Once you've installed and authenticated Captivate Sync™, the next thing to do is decide which shows to sync to your WordPress website.

Remember, using Captivate you can host multiple podcasts under one account and for one cost - you can spin up new shows super quickly and sync them to your WordPress websites easily!

Note: each show can only be synchronised to one WordPress website.

To sync shows to your WordPress website

  • From your WordPress menu, click Captivate Sync> My Shows
  • Click Add/Remove Shows
  • The following display will show all of the podcasts that you have created inside Captivate
  • Check the shows that you would like to sync to this website
  • Click Select & Sync Shows
  • Once sync'd, be sure to assign pages to your podcasts so that WordPress knows what pages to show them on, do this using the dropdown menu within the show in My Shows

Page assignment

Before sync'ing your podcasts to your WordPress website, it's a good idea to create the pages that you'd like the podcasts to appear on.

You don't need to do anything with those pages (except for the usual SEO titles/descriptions and imagery", these pages are used to assign your shows to, like so:

Assume I'd like to sync my podcast which is called "The Daily Star Wars Show" to MyDomain.com and the URL for my show, I'd like to be: MyDomain.com/the-daily-star-wars-show - I would need to head to my WordPress dashboard and click Pages > Add New, creating a blank page called The Daily Star Wars Show and making sure the permalink URL in WordPress is "the-daily-star-wars-show".

We then use this page as the page for our podcast and each episode would have its own, highly-shareable custom URL, too, like so:


If you sync multiple podcasts/shows to your WordPress website, simply create a page for each show.

Note: if you're using our managed & hosted WordPress platform, Podcast Websites, your first show is mapped to your "episodes" page - you can change that here or edit the page in the pages section of your dashboard.

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