Even though we hate to see you go, we understand that, for various reasons, you may want to cancel your Captivate account. 

We have a quick and easy cancellation process that also helps us figure out the best way to close your podcast show(s) depending on how you'd like your show(s) to be found by the public in the future. 

To cancel your account: 

  • Log into the My Account section in your Captivate dashboard

  • Scroll down and you'll see the Billing section

  • Click on Cancel Account

You will then be guided through the cancellation process. At this point you will also be asked how you want to manage the show(s) on your account.

Note: you must close any live shows before cancelling your account.

Simply click on the Close Show button underneath your show, and follow the steps to ensure your show is closed properly. When you click on Close Show, you will be taken to the Show Cancellation screen.

Closing your show(s)

If you are canceling your Captivate account because you're stopping your podcast altogether, choose from one of the following options, based on the one that's relevant to you.

  • I never got my podcast started

  • I'm going to stop my podcast

If you choose "I never got my podcast started", we'll ask an optional question on why you didn't start, so we can help you get started should you wish to start podcasting in the future.

If you choose "I'm going to stop my podcast", we'll ask you if you want your show to remain live on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc. Depending on your answer, you'll have a couple of choices to choose from.

  • If you answer Yes, we'll ask if you might want to start publishing again. If you answer yes to that question, we'll advise your show needs to remain live. If you answer no to that question, we'll advise you that your RSS feed will be updated to close your show, and you'll need to contact Apple to reactivate it.

  • If you answer No, we'll advise that your website, podcast media player, and RSS feed will be deleted immediately, and that you need to make a backup of your files if you wish to use them later. Your podcast will also be removed from the various podcast platforms.

If you are moving to another host part of this process will include setting up a 301 re-direct to your new podcast host.

Simply enter the details of your new host and the RSS feed for your show with them, and we'll take care of the rest.

Note: While a 301 redirect will move your feed and listeners to your new host, it won't include your analytics. This is because the industry at large has no agreed way of doing this and, whilst we believe that this should be possible, it's something that is still in development within the industry. To keep your current stats, you should download your analytics from your dashboard prior to closing your account/moving your show.

Canceling your account

Once you've closed your show(s), you can then continue with the cancelation of your account. Simply follow the steps in the Cancel Account section, and confirm all the information is correct.

When you cancel your account and your shows, the episodes are removed and 301 redirects are setup on the RSS feed so moving forward when anyone attempts to go to your RSS they will go to your new feed.

If you cancel your account between a billing cycle, you will receive a pro-rated refund for the amount of plan left unused.

Thank you for being part of the Captivate family and we really hope you decide to continue using Captivate to power your podcast in the future! 🙂

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