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How to Display a List of Episodes on Your WordPress Website Using Captivate Sync™
How to Display a List of Episodes on Your WordPress Website Using Captivate Sync™

Choose how and where you want your podcasts to display on your custom podcast website using the Captivate Sync™ WordPress plugin.

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When you have your podcasts installed on your custom WordPress website, it's time to decide how you want your podcast episodes to be displayed on your site. With the Captivate Sync™ plugin, you have a few options.

Note: Captivate Sync has been designed to work with almost any type of WordPress install, in particular any type of theme, including use with popular page builder tools such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi and more. It will fully respect any widgets, extensions or custom code on your site.. It will fully respect any widgets, extensions or custom code on your site.

We've made things nice simple with two options:

Prefer video? Watch below for full steps:

Using the Default Page Mapping for Your Podcast Index Page

To show your podcast on this page, create a new sample page and point Captivate Sync™ to it.

For example, if you want to assign your podcast to, head to your WordPress dashboard and click Pages > Add New.

Create a blank page called "Podcast" and make sure the permalink URL in WordPress is "podcast". On your Captivate Sync™ settings, you then map your show to that page.

Each episode would then have its own, highly-shareable custom URL, which would look like:

If you sync multiple podcasts/shows to your WordPress website, simply create a page for each show and assign each using the mapping functionality.

Note: if you're using our managed & hosted WordPress platform, Podcast Websites, your first show is mapped to your "episodes" page - you can change that here or edit the page in the pages section of your dashboard.

How to use the Shortcode Builder

Clicking Shortcode Builder on your WordPress dashboard will take you to a simple and easy to use page builder, ready for you to pick and choose your own custom layout options:

  • Show: Which podcast you want to build this shortcode around

  • Layout: Do you want to display your episodes in a gird or list format

  • Image: Where do you want your podcast image to be displayed

  • Content: Do you want to display all, some or hide the content on this layout

  • Content Length: If displaying your written content, choose specifically how much to show

  • Player: Do you want to display the Captivate player above or below your content

  • Link: Do you want to display the episode link, if so, what wording do you want to show

  • Order: Latest episode showing first, or last

  • No of Episodes: How many episodes do you want to display per page

  • Pagination: Choose to hide of display this

Once you have picked the layout options that you want:

  • Click Generate Shortcode

  • Click Copy

  • Then go ahead and paste that shortcode wherever you would like the episode list to appear

Remember, once you've implemented the shortcode, each episode will still have its own URL for ultimate sharing ability, too.

Play around with it! Try out the various layout options and create something unique for your custom WordPress website 😄

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