If you have a Captivate Site enabled in the Captivate dashboard for your podcast, each time you publish a new episode, a single episode page is automatically generated, providing a direct link to the episode. Great for sharing with your listeners! 

Not just that, each page comes with customizable SEO titles, descriptions and URLs, as well as auto-generated social images. Pretty sweet! 

How do I find the single episode page? 

Super easy!  They're right here: 

Customizable SEO

In the episode publishing and editing screen, if your Captivate Site is live, you will see an "Episode Page SEO" section. 

Here, you can add your own SEO title and SEO description and customize the slug/URL for each episode. 

Note: Captivate is pretty smart and will automatically update the slug based on the title of your episode. It will default the SEO title to your episode title and will trim the show notes to your SEO description so no need to change this if you don't want to, even though it's recommended!

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