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Plans & Pricing FAQ

After your free 7-day trial with Captivate, you can continue with your podcast journey on the plan that's right for you!

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At Captivate, our pricing plans are set up to make sure you're set up for success, no matter what level of podcasting experience you have.

Questions about Captivate's pricing & plans? We've got you covered!

Why aren't you free like some other podcast hosts?

While there's nothing inherently wrong with "free podcast hosting", you'll find there are usually limitations with these hosts - upload space, amount of shows, limited analytics, extra features only available through paid upgrades, etc.

We believe all podcasters should have access to all the kinds of features that truly helps them grow their show, without limitations, which is why the only difference between our plans is the amount of monthly downloads that are included.

So what are the plans available to me?

We have three plans. Each plan is available monthly, or annually (with a discount for annual plans):

  • Personal (30,000 downloads per month): $19 monthly / $204 annual. This includes one private podcast and up to 150 private subscribers.

  • Professional (150,000 downloads per month): $49 monthly / $528 annual. This includes two private podcasts and up to 1,000 private subscribers.

  • Business (300,000 downloads per month): $99 monthly / $1,080 annual. This includes three private podcasts and up to 5,000 private subscribers per podcast.

All prices are in USD, but we also offer Euro and GBP pricing!

So what plan is best for me?

We created each plan to offer the best solutions for your level of podcasting. So, for our three core plans, we suggest:

  • Personal is ideal for most podcasters, and a great starting point to grow your show

  • Professional is ideal for podcasters with a large audience, and who does all the production, editing, promotion, etc., themselves

  • Business is perfect for Networks, as well as agencies or professionals who manage podcasts on behalf of clients

So each plan has different download amounts. What happens if I go over my monthly amount - do you stop my podcast?

No, not at all! We want your show to grow! If you go over your downloads in one month, that’s OK. If you go over your downloads again the next month, we reach out to you and suggest you move up to the next tier because your show is doing so well. Your show won’t go offline or be unavailable to your listeners.

How many public podcasts can I host on Captivate?

As many as you want! No, seriously - you can have 100 podcasts if you want, and they'll all fall within the plan you choose! Since we charge by downloads, these will be spread across the podcasts you have.

Speaking of downloads, why does Captivate charge by downloads?

Great question! We do this for two reasons:

  1. Outside of our pretty fixed staffing and technical costs (like servers, file storage etc), bandwidth is the only cost any podcast hosting platform has, and the most variable. In fact, we increased our download thresholds early on because we were able to make cost savings elsewhere. Instead of keeping the cash for ourselves, we upgraded everyone’s service! We’d rather be upfront about it with you because every podcast host limits your bandwidth in some way, it’s just that not many actually tell you about it upfront. We do.

  2. We know that you’ll probably want to start a second podcast, or a third, or more! We get the bug, just like you! So, we want you to have the flexibility to be able to try things without having to worry about paying more or being limited on how much you can upload.

So, by including all of our features to you on every plan, we give you the best chance of growing. We have made sure that our tiers are priced in such a way that when you reach the top of the download tier, you’re highly likely to be already making money to cover your hosting costs.

Why do you offer a 7-day trial?

At Captivate, we want to make it as easy as possible to start (or continue) a podcast. That's why our dashboard is super clean and easy to understand, from uploading to publishing, distributing and more, whether you're starting a podcast, or importing from another host.

Our awesome support team is also on hand for any questions you have, so we firmly believe you'll be set up for success within 7 days on Captivate! 😊

Do you offer any discounts?

We do! If you're a student or educational organization, or a registered charity / non-profit, we offer a 25% discount across all plans for the lifetime of your hosting with us. Simply reach out to us for more details!

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